Planning to run a red light in Lianyungang, China? This might be a good time to do it. According to the state-funded the Paper, the district’s police are in the middle of an unusual promotion, and have been giving out 50% off coupons for traffic violations.

The coupons double as educational leaflets—each features a brief list of traffic laws and their punishments, before offering a half-off discount in case you mess up. Officers have been handing them out since mid-June.

Police were searching for a “more relaxed” way to deal with mounting traffic violations, Guanyun County captain Feng Qiqiang told Modern Express. The police will play Santa until July 10th, at which point they will ease into a phase of stricter enforcement. Offenses have already decreased, Feng says.

So far, the force has distributed 15,000 coupons. You might want to use yours right away, though—according to one local lawyer, this kind of thing actually isn’t legal. Maybe there’s a coupon for that, too.

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