Stand back! That street’s gonna blow! A recent video out of Ukraine shows the explosive results of a broken water main that tore through a seemingly safe bit of street.

In the video, which has popped up everywhere from Sploid to the BBC, an unidentified Kyiv parking lot can be seen, caught on a CCTV camera. In the background, a pedestrian strolls by. Suddenly, the asphalt begins to shake, before instantly bubbling into a dome and exploding, sending dirt, debris, and water flying everywhere. The burst was so powerful that it even managed to lift one of the cars that was parked on the edge of the bubble.

Judging by the video, the pedestrian seems unhurt by the surprising eruption, although the same can’t be said for the parking lot, which was essentially demolished.

The explosion was caused by a broken water main that sent a jet of water seven stories high. Despite the violence of the explosion, no injuries were reported.