(Photo: Denis Gliksman, Inrap)

Earlier this year, a massive burial site dating back to 500 B.C. was found in Lavau, a village in northern France, and quickly, archaeologists from the National Archaeological Research Institute (Inrap) started turning up incredible objects—most notably, a huge wine cauldron more than three feet wide decorated with lioness heads and the Greek god Acheloos.  

Now, Inrap is sharing details about the person who lay within this massive tomb. The skeleton, the institute says, was buried with a two-wheeled chariot, and its head is pointing south. It’s still wearing its impressive jewelry—a massive gold necklace weighing more than one and quarter pounds and decorated with winged monsters and gold bracelets around its wrists. The archaeologists also found amber beads, possibly hair decorations, around the skeleton’s head.

Archaeologists have not been able to determine the skeleton’s gender, but it’s likely that he or she was of high rank. It’s not everyone who gets such an impressive burial—with such beautiful jewelry.

(Photo: Denis Gliksman, Inrap)

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