The Inconstant’s flying the tri-color (Image: Ambroise Louis Garneray)

Ben Cropp, an Australian filmmaker and shipwreck hunter, thinks he’s found the wreck of the Inconstant—the brig that Napoleon Bonaparte used to sail from Elba to France, where he briefly retook power before being defeated in the Battle of Waterloo. The ship, the Australian Associated Press reports, is off the shore of north Queensland. 

What is the ship doing so near Australia? After Napoleon returned to France and was defeated, the British took the ship as part of the spoils of victory. It started sailing a route that took it to Australia, where it eventually sank. 

Cropp’s evidence that this wreck is indeed that ship: clues like “keel bolts, ballast and pottery shards,” the AAP reports. His assertion’s being checked by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

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