Meet P-44 (Image: NPS)

Two spotted mountain lion kittens were found recently by the National Park Service, and these girls are fierce. Born in SoCal, a little bit north of Malibu about an hour apart, P-43, of the Santa Monica Mountains and P-44, of the Santa Susana Mountains, are less than a month old. 

P-43, hanging out at home (Image: NPS)

The NPS is tracking the cats to understand their habits and how urbanization is affecting them. These two, like their moms, will be part of the study. They’re unusual in that they’re both singletons, the first two single litters the NPS has documented since 2002. (And the paternity is an open question, as P-43’s mother, P-23, last gave birth to a litter fathered by her own father. P-44’s father is thought to be journeyman P-38, captured this past March.)

They also happen to be, for now, exceedingly cute. But check out these claws! They will definitely grow up to be strong lady cats, just like their moms.

P-44 is definitely thinking about deer for breakfast. (Image: NPS)

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