Pesto: a liquid no longer!
Pesto: a liquid no longer! poppet with a camera/CC BY 2.0

People really love their Genovese pesto. And after hundreds of jars have been confiscated at Genoa’s Cristoforo Colombo Airport security checkpoint, the airport has decided to amend its 100ml liquid carry-on limit to exclude the pesto jars.

Now travelers can bring aboard any amount of pesto under 500 grams, just as long as they make a donation to the Flying Angels charity, which helps fund the air transportation of sick children. The pesto may also undergo an X-ray for extra security.

The airport launched the new program, appropriately entitled “Il pesto è buono” (Pesto is good), on June 1. Already, more than 500 people have had their pesto dreams fulfilled.

The one catch? The airport’s waiver only applies to pesto that is Genovese.

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