A few weeks ago, I was bored by the bad weather looming over the Bay Area and with my mind wandering to far away places, I started a conversation about ghost towns on Twitter. It proved to be a very popular subject and we learned about the hidden ghost towns of every corner of the world.

Juan Antonio Garcia (Twitter: @boamorte) told us about Alquife in Granada, Spain, a mostly abandoned town I had never heard of before. Alquife’s history as a mining town dates all the way back to beginnings in the days of the Argar culture in the early Bronze Age. Then in the early 1900s it was expanded and developed as an industrial iron ore mine, and became home to the first electric cable train system in Spain which delivered the iron to the distant ports. In 1996 the mine was closed and nearly over night the village was abandoned by all but a few. Now the ghost village is visible from the train tracks that pass on their way through Spain, Alquife is quiet with a population of just under 800.

Juan Antonio took it upon himself to produce this beautiful video, just for us. 

Enjoy Juan Antonio’s captivating moving images.

If any of you have video that you created about obscure places, we would love to see them.

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