Earlier this week, Reuters posted some pictures of a massive iceberg off the coast of Ferryland, Newfoundland, in Canada. The iceberg appeared in what is known as Iceberg Alley, where chunks from Greenland’s ice sheet routinely float by every spring. But one in particular this year stuck out, perhaps because it looks a little menacing, or perhaps because of the perspective of the photograph, which makes humans and buildings appear very small.

It’s a good picture! And in a different world it might have become a poster in someone’s den, with some words of inspiration about how size doesn’t matter or something. Instead, we live in our world, where people make jokes on Twitter and produce memes.

We begin our roundup with some words about children:

Here is a similar joke, but this time the words are written on the image:

Others got more creative:

Have a look at this, which also anthropomorphizes the block of ice:

Still others resisted the urge to alter images and simply stuck to to making jokes on Twitter—otherwise known as tweeting.

And some just couldn’t resist getting political and referencing Adele.

Catchy, that. Beyond climate activism, some—Atlas Obscura’s own Cara Giaimo—just saw the future of the world in a large piece of frozen water. The future is not good.

I should probably leave it at that.

If you want to know more about Iceberg Alley and see a map of icebergs that were recently observed, Newfoundland and Labrador’s official tourism website has you covered.