The Hamburg water tower.
The Hamburg water tower. Google Maps

Who doesn’t love a painted water tower?! Well apparently town fathers in Hamburg, New York, who kiboshed the idea of painting their obloid water tower like a massive hamburger when it was first proposed some 24 years ago. But now, thanks to the efforts of one devoted Hamburg resident, the town’s towering industrial landmark might finally get the paint job it deserves.

As reported by The Buffalo News, the project was originally shut down because some in town didn’t want it to be famous just for the giant hamburger, a bit of an odd choice considering that Hamburg also claims to have been the birthplace of the hamburger in 1885.

But times have changed, and now Hamburg resident Chris Hannotte Luly has started a website and petition to finally give in to destiny, and paint the water tower like a hamburger. Luly argues that creating a giant hamburger would be a boon to local tourism, as well as a fitting tribute to the town’s heritage.

Support for the paint job seems to be increasing among locals as well, with at least one woman, Patty Schinzel—who voted against painting the water tower 24 years ago—changing her tune.

“I have a worry about people coming to take pictures, like they looked around during the Pokemon game,” Schinzel told The Buffalo News.

If you’d like to support the effort to see Hamburg get its giant hamburger, you can sign Luly’s petition here!

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