This year for the holidays, we’re presenting a special series of collections—assembled and curated by our staff—that are directly inspired by the more than 18,000 awe-inspiring places available to discover on our site.

We’ll be highlighting locations and ideas that have long fascinated us, from spectactacular bathrooms, to places best visited on two wheels, to Italy’s cinematic side. You can find the first five of these collections below, with many more to follow:

Our Favorite Places of 2019

20 Out-of-This-World Stargazing Spots

Around the World in 7 Futuristic Farms

16 Tales of the South Pacific

13 Places to Indulge Your Inner Horse Lover

Through the new year we’ll be rolling out more of these collections—at least a couple each day—so check back regularly to be inspired, whether you’re actively planning a trip for 2020 or just love seeking wonder from the comfort of home!

And for those of you who have an Atlas Obscura account (if you don’t have one already, it’s free and easy to sign up), this is also a reminder that you can create lists of your own—to help plan a vacation or road trip, or just to keep tabs on the places that have always fascinated you. To start a list, click the “Add to List” button on any place entry and follow the prompts to create your own collection.