Recently, Joe Morgan, who owns property on Tiki Island, Texas, near Galveston, found three boxes that had washed up near his dock. On each box the words “Rest in Peace” were scrawled, along with a name. Inside each was a flower wreath and some ashes—apparently the remains of the person whose name was written on the outside, according to KTRK.

Morgan called the discovery “eerie,” but local officials were not as disturbed, with police declining to even take a report on the matter because, they say, it is not clear that anything criminal has happened. 

“Tiki Island Mayor Goldie Telchick said there is nothing to investigate and there’s no reason to be concerned,” KTRK reported Tuesday.  

So this means that Morgan alone was left to wrestle with the consequences of his discovery—which sounds a little like the first act of a ”haunting”—even if he did his best to pay his respects after the remains were uncovered. 

“I dropped to my knees and gave a little prayer,” he said.