The milk... it's missing something...

The milk… it’s missing something… (Photo: Carsten Schertzer/CC BY 2.0)

Sure, milk is pretty cool. It’s got calcium. Celebs love it, and your mom probably gave you some with cookies at least once in your life.

But don’t you sometimes wish it was a little more like seltzer?

Swedish-Danish dairy company Arla is hoping so. Their new product plan, announced Tuesday, includes a line of “carbonated milk and fruit beverages,” designed to compete with sports drinks and sodas. “Our milk should not only be enjoyed from litre-sized packages bought in supermarkets, it should also be available as a tasty beverage on the go,” the company said.

According to the Local, Arla will test out this plan in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. If that goes well, they will “extend the range to other countries.”

As the Local points out, past efforts to get people to like fizzed-up milk have largely failed. Coca Cola’s aspiring milk, juice and bubbles drink, Vio, was named one of history’s “Top 10 Bad Beverage Ideas” by Time.

A similar combo called “Tango Strange Soda” debuted in Britain in 2003, but was pulled the next year. “The concept of the drink has proved too challenging to consumers,” executives explained at the time.

Now it’s 2016, though, and anything can happen. Bring on the fizzy, creamy beverage chimeras.

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