Nearly 200,000 people in California’s Central Valley were evacuated this week—and later allowed to return—after officials said they were concerned that a spillway connected to the Oroville Dam might collapse. 

The dam, located some 70 miles north of Sacramento, is the tallest in the U.S., It stands 770 feet, which beats Nevada’s Hoover Dam by 44 feet. Should the dam fail, a massive, lethal wave of water would be unleashed on several towns to the south, the largest of which, Yuba City, is home to over 65,000 people. 

So when residents were ordered to evacuate on Sunday, many left in haste, including some, in Sutter County, California* who left behind a few of their pets, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. And not just any pets: an albino kangaroo, a red kangaroo, and a muntjac, a type of small deer—named Kenzie, Dottie, and Mary, respectively. 

The animals were found safe—if perhaps a little traumatized—by the California Highway Patrol, officials said Tuesday, and, for now, are staying with a California family that has cared for abandoned animals in the past. The animals’ owners were not named, but, hopefully, they’ll be reunited soon. Their temporary caretakers said that Kenzie, in particular, was used to sleeping in bed with her owner. 

*CORRECTION: This post previously misstated the county where the animals were found. It is Sutter County, California, not Sutton County