Lego fans are up in arms.
Lego fans are up in arms. MAKY_OREL/Public Domain

Everyone loves Lego, whether that’s thanks to nostalgia or the childlike sense of imagination and accomplishment you get when you finish building a Lego creation. But there are limits, and some adult Lego fans in Australia are discovering a few of them thanks to a Legoland attraction won’t let them in.

According to The Guardian, a number of adult Lego fans have been bounced from the Legoland Discovery Centre in Melbourne. The attraction is only open to adults if they are accompanied by a child under the age of 17, so when lone adults with childlike hearts showed up, they were turned away.

Outraged, some went to Facebook to see if they could “acquire a child for the day” to experience the attraction. Still others called the rule a case of age-based discrimination and threatened to take their grievances to local equal rights organizations.

Lego, meanwhile, released a (fairly reasonable) statement reminding people that the attraction is “designed to provide safe and fun environments for families with children aged 3-10.”

The case no one seems to be making is for a Legoland just for adults, which seems like it would be a lot of fun.