A few years ago, a community of night parrots, which were presumed extinct, was discovered in Queensland, Australia, the first such sighting of live night parrots in over 100 years. 

The parrots are very colorful, and yet still known for their elusiveness; for most of the 20th century they simply were not seen. 

But that changed in 2013, with the Queensland sighting, and, now, some bird enthusiasts in Western Australia have snapped a photo (seen above) of a night parrot there, too, confirming their existence in the country’s largest state. 

“The calls to us were unfamiliar,” Bruce Greatwich, one of the enthusiasts, told the Guardian. “We are quite experienced in these habitats so to hear something new was quite exciting.”

The bird was initially spotted by another enthusiast as he walked through the grass. That enthusiast then called the others over. 

“We were able to go down and re-find it and we had our cameras at the ready to get a photo,” Greatwich told the Guardian

All of which made for a bird-watcher’s dream, though if you’re looking to find your own night parrot in Western Australia, you won’t get any help from Greatwich or his colleagues. The exact location where they captured the bird, they say, will not be made public, to avoid attracting poachers, meaning that for other bird hunters the night parrot will remain almost as elusive as before.