(Photos: Adam Fagen (Eye Gotcha); Sean C (Rhode EyeLand); Sarah J Martin (Spex in the City))

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Dentists may or may not be funny. But a surprising number of dentists think they are funny. There are dental comedy videos and dental standup comics. Dentists have a captive, chairbound audience, perhaps encouraging them to unleash their inner performer.

Hence the proliferation of comic names for dental practices: Nothing But the Tooth in Hudson, NY; The Whole Tooth in Berkeley and Chicago, or my own favorite, Dr. Vicki Fidler’s Seattle practice, Fidler on the Tooth.

Optometrists, who face tremendous retail competition, have a strong pun game, too. The word “eye” lends itself to wordplay, doing double duty as “eye” or “I.” That gives us such gems as The Eyes Have It, Sight for Four Eyes, Eye Care for You. Something good is happening in Seattle, which is also home to the cleverest optical shop name: Spex in the City.

Sadly, this kind of medical comedy doesn’t stretch beyond teeth and eyes. Other branches of medicine are more somber. You can’t imagine an oncology or hepatology practice with a punny name, which is a pity. Wouldn’t you like to see a doctor at Liver Let Die Hepatology Associates?  

Editor’s picks:

Spex in the City (Seattle, WA)

Fidler on the Tooth (Seattle, WA)

Eye Care for You (Gresham, OR)

Sight for Four Eyes (San Francisco, CA)

Let’s Get Physical Therapy (Avon, OH)

Nothing But The Tooth (Hudson, NY)

Rhode Eyeland (North Kingston, RI)

The Eyes Have It (Ft. Collins, CO)

The Whole Tooth (Portland, OR)

The Whole Tooth (Chicago, IL)

OptiMystic Eye Group (Mystic, CT)

Eye Society (Chicago, IL)

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Coffee shops


Other (including retail stores, vape shops and lots of yarn stores)

Food Trucks

Pet Care


Cleaning Businesses/Flower Shops/Portable Bathrooms

Hair/Nail Salons

The full list:

Accent Dental Center
Bothell, WA
Dr Payne, Dentist
Grand Rapids, MI
Dr. Dean A. Bender, Chiropractic
Kalamazoo, MI
Eye Care for You
Gresham, OR
Eye Gotcha Optometric
San Francisco, CA
Eye Society
Chicago, IL
Fidler on the Tooth
Seattle, WA
Get It Straight Orthodontics
Chicago, IL
Let’s Get Physical Therapy
Avon, OH
Nothing But The Tooth
Hudson, NY
OptiMystic Eye Group
Mystic, CT
Paradox Dental Center
Indianapolis, IN
Rhode Eyeland
North Kingston, RI
Sawtooth Dental Care
Twisp, WA
Sight for Four Eyes
San Francisco, CA
Spex in the City
Seattle, WA
Stubbs Prosthetics and Orthotics Inc
Chattanooga, TN
The Dental Touch
Oakland, CA
The Eyes Have It
Ft. Collins, CO
The Whole Tooth
Portland, OR
Chicago, IL
Through the Hayes Optometry
San Francisco, CA
Berkeley, CA