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Warming the Office: Our First NY Meetup

Obscura Society

New York City Meetup - Atlas Obscura Society

Thank you to everyone who came out and help us break in the office space and give us great ideas for local explorations in New York. It was really an amazing experience to meet all of you and we came away with a HUGE list of exciting places to explore.

New York City Meetup- Atlas Obscura Society

Everyone rocked the idea board. Now to chase down all of these places and convince them to let us come over and explore.

New York City Meetup- Atlas Obscura Society

Our book writer Ella Morton snagged a spot on the comfy couch fo brainstorming.

New York City Meetup- Atlas Obscura Society

Our vat of gin and tonic was notably depleted by the end of the evening, but the scheming continued. 

 New York City Meetup- Atlas Obscura Society

Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras reviewed the evening’s bounty before it found a new home in a compulsive spreadsheet. 

We’ll be following up and pursuing all of these ideas in the days to come. If you have brilliant ideas that you’d like to share with us for a New York area adventure for Obscura Day or any day, send them to us.

We’ll be posting a new upcoming adventure soon. In the meantime, join our local area mailing list to be the first to find out about new events coming up in the New York area.