Last Thursday, a man named Dustin Hinkle, who is 26-years-old, was practicing some parkour with his friends in Denver when he jumped onto a chimney cover, which immediately gave way. 

Hinkle then fell 40 feet down the abandoned shaft, becoming lodged for almost two hours before rescuers were able to free him. 

Hinkle was promptly arrested and charged with trespassing, but that didn’t prevent him from giving an interview to local TV station KCNC, in which he explained that the incident had changed his life. 

He now believes in God, for one thing, because for much of the time he was stuck he thought he was going to die. 

Hinkle, who is 6’5” and weighs 170 pounds, also says he can’t imagine going back out to practice more parkour. 

“Not after this,” he told the station. 

Which is probably best for everyone.

At the very least, we’ll always have this local news headline to cherish, from the Denver Post: “Parkour mishap leaves tall, thin man stuck in downtown Denver chimney.”