The melancholy beauty of the aging pumpkin.
The melancholy beauty of the aging pumpkin. Andy Hay/CC BY 2.0

Everyone loves an expertly carved jack-o’-lantern, but the real magic happens after time and age get their hands on them. As carved pumpkins rot, they begin to morph and stretch into fascinating (and often sad) new forms that no human hand could have sculpted. Come November, no matter how amazingly transformed, most Halloween jack-o’-lanterns are simply tossed in the trash, unloved and unremarked on. But this waste cannot continue! Help us honor your withered gourds by sending us pictures of them, before they disappear.

We want to see the sagging snaggleteeth and wrinkled ghosts, the slumped faces and collapsed grimaces, the pumpkins that make you think, “I should probably take that off the porch.” There are few things more poignantly melancholy than the loneliness of a November jack-o’-lantern, so let’s make sure their sadness is not in vain.

Fill out the form below to tell us a little about what your pumpkin looked like in its glory days, and then email a picture of your sad pumpkin to, with the subject line, “Sad Pumpkin.” We’ll share some of our favorites in an upcoming article. The time of the jack-o-lantern is just about over, but that doesn’t mean that your pumpkins are any less worthy of celebration!

If you have a sad pumpkin of your own to share, head over to our community forums and show us a picture!