They say you are what you eat, but in the case of a recent video depicting a snake regurgitating another, still alive snake, the opposite also seems to be true.

This astounding video, shared by National Geographic, at first appears to be just another snake sighting on a Texas roadside. But soon enough, it becomes clear that this is two for the price of one. As Christopher Reynolds, who shot the video, notes, it looks like there is something coming out of the black snake’s mouth, and then suddenly it begins to regurgitate its meal, slowly choking out another live snake that it had swallowed. In the end, the hungry snake escapes into the grass, and the vomited snake slowly moves around, seemingly and understandably, in a daze.

As Reynolds suggests in the video, the larger of the two snakes was probably startled by the humans in their midst, and decided to spit-up its meal so that it could scurry off into the brush. This theory was corroborated by a representative with the Florida Museum of Natural History who spoke with National Geographic. Snakes prefer to be left alone while they digest their food, and it’s not uncommon for them to regurgitate if they are interrupted during a meal. It is also possible that the other snake may have just been too much for the black snake to handle.

The species of the snakes in the video has not been determined, but no matter what, for one of those creatures it was their lucky day.