The nation's greatest rental home.
The nation’s greatest rental home. The Phoenix Commotion/Facebook

Good news, Western fans! There is now a Texas home that will allow you to live inside of a cowboy boot.

As reported by Texas’ ABC13, a brand new home in the city of Huntsville has just hit the rental market, and it is shaped like a colossal boot. As silly as the home sounds, it also seems amazingly livable.

The two-bedroom, one-bath home has a more traditional extension off of the back of the boot that gives it a little more space. In addition to the the sky-high novelty factor, the home offers a range of luxuries, including granite floors and a spiral staircase that leads to a roof deck at the top of the boot. Not bad for living in a shoe.

The home was designed by Huntsville local Dan Phillips of The Phoenix Commotion, which describes itself as a local building initiative focused on recycled and salvaged materials. The project is known for incredible and often outlandish projects, including a house inspired by the iconic Budweiser beer can and a house copiously decorated with bones. The new boot house is one of their most structurally daring projects to date.

If you are looking to rent the Huntsville boot house, it will run you $1,200 a month. There is no mention of how many snakes may or may not be in the boot.