In Dawson City, in Canada’s Yukon Territory, there is a bar called the Sourdough Saloon which serves a drink called the “Sourtoe Cocktail,” which is a shot of whiskey with an amputated toe. As the Sourdough Saloon explains, “you can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have gotta touch the toe.”

Which is great.

But early Sunday morning, the toe—there is just one toe in circulation currently, though the Sourdough Saloon has gone through many toes over the years—was stolen, apparently by a (possibly drunk) man who had previously boasted of his intention to steal the toe, according to a press release issued by the bar.

Yesterday brought better news. Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that the toe had been returned:

On Tuesday afternoon, June 20th, Dawson City RCMP received a phone call from the alleged suspect, stating that he had placed the toe in the mail, addressed to the Downtown Hotel. The man then called the Downtown Hotel and provided the same message to staff, along with a verbal apology.

Earlier today, on Thursday, June 22nd, the expected package was received. To ensure the package was safe to open, Corporal Jeff Myke from Dawson City RCMP attended the location to open it.

Located inside the package was an apology letter, as well as the stolen toe.

At the time that the package was opened, the toe was believed to be in good condition.

Which is good news, and a nice ending for a story that looked for a minute like it might end poorly (the bar’s owner came out firing in the news release, referring to the thief as a “low life,” which are fighting words.)

Here is a picture of the toe, which I’ve so far avoided showing you because it is gross: