By the power of the Schwartz, a Hollywood auction company has put some iconic props from the Star Wars-parody Spaceballs on sale.

Fans of the popular Mel Brooks film will be pleased to know that they can now try and buy the original Dark Helmet … helmet, worn by Rick Moranis in the film, as well as a hero model of Lone Starr’s (Bill Pullman) flying space Winnebago, the Eagle 5, which are being sold by auction house Profiles In History. Both the over-sized helmet and the miniature ship were used on screen in the film, and are some of the most iconic props from the production. The Eagle 5 even comes with little miniature versions of Lone Starr and his companion Barf (John Candy).

According to C|Net, bidding for the helmet starts at $8,000, and bidding for the Eagle 5 model starts at $20,000, so getting your hands on these pieces of comedy history won’t be cheap.

Other pieces of sci-fi memorabilia featured in the same auction include such classic items as screen-used Spock ears, one of C-3PO’s feet from The Empire Strikes Back, and a Sleestak costume from Land of the Lost. As Dark Helmet once said, “Good is dumb.”