With drivers speeding through their quiet streets at upwards of 60 mph, the tiny Scottish village of Hopeman have taken the law into their own hands. With hairdryers.

As the BBC is reporting, villagers ranging from elderly men to little girls have begun donning reflective vests and standing along the street, holding a hair dryer that they hope speeding drivers will mistake for a speed gun. Their efforts don’t seem to have necessarily slowed traffic any, but the locals hope that it will send a message both to the dangerous motorists, and to the actual police who would normally handle such things.

For their part, Police Scotland say that they are aware of the speeding problem in the area, and are continually addressing the issue.

Surprisingly, this is far from the first time this goofy scheme has popped up. A version of the hair-dryer-speed-gun trick in 2000, in the Oxfordshire village of Stanton Harcourt; a man in Palm Harbour, Florida who pulled a similar stunt in 2012; and even, in 2016, in Moscice, Poland, where someone set up a fake cop puppet which held a hair dryer. Apparently drivers who speed through residential neighborhoods aren’t just dangerous, they’re stupid too.