In what would have no doubt become the grossest spill of all time after a few hours under the hot sun, 160 gallons of milk spilled out of a truck Wednesday, closing down a New Jersey road.

According to, the spill occurred in Bergenfield, forcing authorities to shut down the stretch of road for clean up. The spill occurred when the truck’s side-door came open during transit, loosing a hail of milk bombs onto the pavement. All said and done, almost $500 worth of milk was lost.

The spill occurred around 8:00 in the morning, and fire trucks and a clean-up crew had the road back in working, non-milk-covered order. In a perfect world, this incident would have coincided with an overturned cereal truck, creating a magical breakfast moment. But for now it’s just nice to know that the roads of New Jersey are milk free.