Chemical reactions are happening around us all the time; specks of rust appearing on metal, teaspoons of baking powder that make a cake rise, even our breath involves a chemical reaction—oxygen in, carbon dioxide out.

Some reactions are pretty noticeable. We notice when baked goods don’t look quite like they should, or rust starts showing up where it shouldn’t be. Others, not so much. How often do we really pay close attention to smoke rising from a candle, or the bubbles in a fizzy drink? But in this video made by Beautiful Chemistry, you can’t help but notice.

Beautiful Chemistry’s mission is to use “digital media and technology to bring the beauty and wonder of chemistry to a wide audience.” There’s beauty in the everyday, the unnoticed. The eight chemical reactions in the video “Beautiful Chemical Reactions” live up to the name. Zinc metal blooms. Smoke dances across the screen. Flowers swirl and change color. These sped-up reactions (some as fast as 100 times their normal speed) transform from ordinary chemical processes into works of art.

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