Atlas Obscura is sharing a series of dispatches on the more offbeat side of China’s capital and the surrounding area from the Secret Guide to Alternative BeijingAs we previously recapped, the Kickstarter-funded video project traveled to Shanghai’s 1933 Slaughterhouse, and the Wonderland Amusement Park. We now follow them into the Destination Club, which may be the only official and publicly/openly gay club in Beijing. Open for over 8 years it is a symbol of a culturally changing China.  It is also more than just a club. According to Zoetica Ebb

The imposing building in the Chaoyang District is a multi-story cultural center, with themed party rooms and bars on the first floor giving way to art galleries above, followed by community areas and a free HIV-testing clinic at the very top. There is even a cafe!

For more on the Destination Club, check out the entry on the Secret Guide website. Watch here for weekly posts in the coming months on the Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing and visit their blog for more on their explorations of China.