A tiny house on wheels in Maine
A tiny house on wheels in Maine Paul VanDerWerf/CC BY 2.0

Lisa Stubblefield has a tiny store-on-wheels. Known as the “Tiny Fashion House,” she brings it to events to promote her brick-and-mortar clothing store, the Front Porch Boutique, located in Rolla, Missouri. The 13-foot fashion house is equipped with fitting rooms and racks of clothes that customers can peruse.

On Friday, she brought it to the Food Truck Showdown in Springfield, Missouri, and parked it in a roped-off section of the Battlefield Mall.

The next morning, Stubblefield was shocked to learn that someone had driven off with it. She immediately posted video surveillance of the incident on Facebook, requesting help in locating the stolen store.

Eventually, a woman messaged Stubblefield to say she had seen the store parked in her neighborhood in Pittsburg, Kansas—over 90 miles away.

According to The Joplin Globe, Stubblefield does not know why anyone wanted to steal the house. It has neither a kitchen nor a bathroom, and would not make for a very suitable home.

“I have a feeling it was on a whim, but I don’t know,” Stubblefield told the news outlet.

On Tuesday, Stubblefield drove the Tiny Fashion Home back across the Kansas-Missouri border. “She’s back!” Stubblefield exclaimed in a Facebook post.