Two-Headed Turtle Discovered on a Florida Beach

It's cute, but probably won't live too long.

Marine biologist Kate Mansfield recently shared images of a small loggerhead turtle to Twitter, and it’s undeniably cute, even if it is a mutant.

Our interns discovered this rare 2-headed loggerhead hatchling yesterday! It was alive & energetic. So cool! #UCFTurtleLab Pic: L Rittenberg

— Kate Mansfield (@UCFTurtleLab) August 16, 2017

The turtle was discovered by an intern with the University of Central Florida Marine Turtle Research Group while they were performing a nest inventory, taking stock of how many of the turtles had hatched.

The group released the turtle back into the wild after the researchers took some pictures of it, though Mansfield said that its life expectancy probably wasn't great.

"Others I've seen haven't made it out of the nest or lasted long," she tweeted. "It depends on what it looks like internally," meaning how well its internal organs are functioning.

Still, for today at least, the cute mutant got its moment in the sun.