Two hungry baby eagles.

(Photo: Coffee/CC0)

Spring is baby animal season, and humans really don’t want to miss out. We’ve got cams trained on Alaskan bear cubs and Maryland turkey chicks. We’re hitting refresh on sharks and chipmunks. Jellyfish: on notice. We are surveilling adorable new life all over this darn planet.

But even babies have to eat. On Tuesday afternoon, two bald eagles in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania brought their kids a controversial snack—a kitten. The growing eaglets happily tore it apart.

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania, which runs the cam, took to Facebook to substantiate the rumors. “It’s true that they brought in a cat,” they wrote on Facebook, “and it’s also true that they fed it to the eaglets.”

The interaction left some viewers “squeamish or disturbed,” reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Audubon Society spokeswoman Rachel Handel saw it as a teachable moment. “A lot of people have an idyllic view of these eagles,” she told the Post-Gazette. “I think the eagle cameras are providing an education of what it takes to survive and raise offspring in nature.”

Others seemed well aware of this, and had more practical concerns. “To be honest, it appeared to be so tough I don’t know why they wouldn’t just stick with fish,” eagle chat user MaOtter said afterwards.

As of press time, the eaglets are huddled together, likely plotting how best to disturb their voyeurs today. If you want to get in on the action, tune in here.

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