Untapped Cities covered our recent Obscura Society New York presentation by Tony Perrottet on the history and stories behind scandalous hidden treasures of European art collections

You might remember our article about Napoleon’s Penis in New Jersey, but did you know about the “enlightened” sex clubs in 18th century London, the Victorian “Secretums” housed in the world’s most famous museums, or the history of prostitution in France?  During a recent talk at Obscura Society NYC, Historian Tony Perrottet was brilliantly able to demonstrate that we are not to be blamed for our lack of knowledge about the most titillating historical facts: we all suffer at the hands of an historical education that entirely omits the good bits. He is the author of several books, including Napoleon’s Privates – 2500 Years of History Unzipped, which happened to serve as both inspiration and source to our previous piece about the Emperor’s current whereabouts.

A fascinating and engaging scholar that has made a living tracking down perverse antiquarian relics, Mr. Perrotet entertained his audience for 90 minutes with illustrated stories of both his esoteric intellectual pursuits and his adventures tracking down some of the treasures of our debauched pasts.

“Perverse Relics - A History of Sexy with Tony Perrottet” on Untapped Cities>