Today, on MIT News - our Obscura Day visit to the Edgerton Center:

“In the spirit of Doc Edgerton’s famous aphorism, “Tell everyone everything you know,” the MIT Edgerton Center opened its doors on April 28 to participate in Obscura Day, an international celebration of unusual places.”

Obscura Day at MIT

On Obscura Day in Boston, MIT opened up the historic Edgerton Center to us for a special exploration of the high-speed photography techniques pioneered there by Doc Edgerton in the 1930s. Visitors got to replicate his famous milk-drop photograph (shown above) as well as capture a balloon at the moment it is ruptured by a pin prick. The results are absolutely magical.

On hand at Obscura Day, our Boston-based Field Agent Ronny Preciado captured some of the magic of high-speed photography for us:

More photos and stories from Obscura Day at the Edgerton Center here, on the MIT News site:

Edgerton Center hosts visitors at Third Annual Obscura Day