It’s October and local grocery stores are well-stocked with Halloween candy, some that are specially made for the fall holiday. Like sushi body part gummies.

Spot, who posts all kinds of review videos to his YouTube channel TheReviewSpot, purchases and eats the odd Halloween-themed candy found at check-out stations. He found the body part edition of the Sushi Gummy Candy featured in the clip above at a place you’d least expect: a Michaels arts and craft store.

“Probably of everything that I’ve reviewed during Halloween, this is probably the most interesting and coolest candy I have seen to date,” Spot says. The tray has eight pieces of sushi topped with gummy eyeballs, fingers, nose, ear, and a brain, which can be eaten with a pair of chopsticks included in the package. Too bad it doesn’t come with some candy blood soy sauce.     

Spot also reviews some of McSteven’s “Vampire Brew” or blood red hot chocolate, which he mixes in a special Halloween skull mug. It really tastes like your standard glass of hot chocolate, minus the pinkish hue (or Frankenberry cereal milk color, according to Spot). 

He takes a few chewy bites out of a creepy, two and a half-foot long gummy worm—the “world’s largest” gummy worm in fact. The half blue, half red candy is denser than the typical gummy worm or gummy bear, the texture more solid and “beefy,” he says. Spot recommends that you probably should not consume the entire the gummy worm in one sitting. That’s a lot of sugar. 

Spot came across caffeinated Stay Puft Quality Marshmallow candy. Yes, it’s inspired by the same Stay Puft Marshmallow Corporation mascot featured in the 1984 film Ghostbusters. The marshmallows have a “homemade” taste to it, according to Spot, and he suggests the ingenious idea of making Stay Puft Marshmallow rice crispy squares. Hear what else he has to say about the sugary treats below: 

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