In so many other situations, an octopus on the train tracks may cause severe alarm. But the cephalopod intruder doesn’t disturb anyone here. Not on this railway line, to Underwater City.

More than 50 years since Lego’s founder formed the first bricks, people around the world construct hidden worlds, above and below. The train to Underwater City certainly continues that legacy.

On the floor of a pristine swimming pool, that one imagines is attached to a handsome villa, some bright person has put down a lego train track and a platform full of passengers. At least one Stormtrooper and several blokes in scuba gear have a train to catch.

The little yellow train zooms along on the edge of the pool. We then see the driver; a man in a tie and a motorcycle helmet. He loves his job!

Then the finale, as the locomotive descends into the clear water. With some nifty camera work, we see the train propel itself along to the Underwater City platform to collect its passengers. Well done, well done indeed.

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