In the process of turning one nightclub into another nightclub, workers in the town of Burton-on-Trent—about three hours northwest of London— have uncovered a historic well, that harkens back to the area’s past, and will also make for a great spot for bottle service.

As the Burton Mail is reporting, workers at the former Fever nightclub in the town were pulling up the floorboards as part of the club’s renovation and transformation into Society Bar, when they found the brick well hidden underneath.

The old well is a remnant of the town’s history as a hub of beer brewing. The building was once a cooperage which produced the barrels used in the town’s many breweries, and the well dates back to the location’s original usage.

“We were so excited when we discovered it and it’ll be a real key feature for us in terms of paying homage to the heritage of the town,” Pete Terry, the club’s owner, told the Mail.

Rather than demolish the historic feature, which still holds clear water at the bottom, the nightclub owner is going to transform it into a feature table, decorated with lights and such. VIPs and coopers welcome.