Yeesh. Paul Ahern/Instagram

Anyone that’s ever tripped and caught themselves, trying to play it off like nothing happened and hoping no one noticed, can relate to the feeling of relief when you know you got away with it. Unfortunately, here is one scooter-riding kid, who, this time, might not feel that way.


he kept riding towards school.. #zerofucks

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In a short Instagram video recently shared by user Paul Ahern, you can see a sheet of wet cement that appears to bare the cartoonish impression of handlebars, a pair of splayed hands, a faceplant, and even a deep divot where a front wheel embedded itself—the perfect picture of an unfortunate fall. The video ends by zooming in on the presumed victim, who’s seen pushing away from the scene of the crime.

It’s not clear where or when the video was shot, though Ahern has posted other pictures and videos that appear to have been taken on Australia’s Gold Coast. 

Wherever you are, small child who faceplanted, stay safe.