A harrowing moment from "The Queens-bound 7 Line."

A harrowing moment from “The Queens-bound 7 Line.” (Image: DJ Hammers/YouTube)

Stressed out from your long subway commute? Chill out with a calming video of a long subway commute. 

A mysterious YouTuber has been taking long train’s-eye-view videos of different subway lines around New York City, and they’re surprisingly calming, achieving the escapism and smooth motion of a great ride without all the crowding and pizza rats.

According to his Twitter bio, the filmmaker, who goes by DJ Hammers, is a “video journalist covering the NYC Subway” and a New York Transit Museum volunteer, and has an “encyclopedic knowledge of trains.” Though this particular behind-the-scenes series is new, his YouTube channel boasts literally hundreds of videos of public transit around the country.

The collection has a little something for everyone: adventure-seekers might enjoy the tunnel-heavy J train timelapse footage, while those looking for a little relaxation can soar over the city via the real-time Queens-bound 7. And then there are the deep cuts: commuters who are distressed about the upcoming L train shutdown can hang onto some of its finest moments with “L Train Action at New Lots Avenue.” Whoever you are, DJ Hammers, keep on trainin’.