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Washington, D.C., United States

A Dreamy Garden Gathering in D.C.

We invite you to a fantastical garden party, featuring the wondrously-strange Hendrick’s Grand Garnisher!

You're invited to a most unusual place: an artful oasis full of spectacle and amazements. On this other-worldly evening, you'll explore and imbibe, mixing and mingling in the presence of a cocktail-dressing vehicle called The Hendrick's Grand Garnisher. 

Strolling into the evening, you'll find yourself transported to a kaleidoscopic world of imagination and delight inside the Blind Whino arts space: a historic church-turned performance venue. Guests will be invited to explore the building's colorful interior and outdoor gardens while partaking in custom libations, live performances, musical marvels, and garden games. 

At the center of festivities, the Hendrick's Grand Garnisher awaits. An industrial oddity, the colossal vehicle is capable of delicately slicing cucumbers and cruising at speeds of up to 25 mph. Powered by a large diesel motor and a well-dressed gentleman peddling a penny-farthing, the Hendrick's Grand Garnisher's peculiar sight is sure to enchant even the most jaded of partygoers. Inquisitive guests are welcome to sidle up to the Hendrick's Grand Garnisher's side to have their cocktails dressed with cucumbers before their very eyes. 

Additional Details

  • 21-and-over only, please.
  • Your admission includes an open Hendrick's bar.
  • Cocktail attire or garden party attire is encouraged.


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