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Los Angeles, California

A Mythic Journey Through LA Center Studio

Visit famous sets and legendary myths at this hidden gem of Hollywood.

Join Atlas Obscura and The Center for Mythology and Storytelling for a unique, behind-the-scenes look at one of the most active independent film lots in Hollywood. 

Mythology plays an integral part in the film industry. One of the first major instances was when Stanley Kubrick famously shared the Joseph Campbell book Hero With a Thousand Faces with Arthur C. Clarke during the making of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Today, there’s hardly a billion-dollar franchise that is not based on Campbell's model of "The Hero’s Journey."

George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, Ed Catmull, George Miller, Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Zach Snyder—the list of filmmakers who have acknowledged this influence is seemingly endless. So much so that Easter eggs abound — both Superman’s cape and Wonder Woman’s sword feature Joseph Campbell quotes!

At this event, you'll journey to the basement of myth and filmmaking at LA Center Studios with your guide Will Linn. Led by Will, you'll tour the lot where projects like Grey's Anatomy, The Usual Suspects, and Westworld have been filmed. Then, gather in the new Joseph Campbell Writers’ Room for a media-rich engagement on some of the most mythological moments in Hollywood history.

Part walking-in-the-steps-of-stars and part deep-dive into the core myths behind some of the most legendary films, this will be like no studio tour you have ever experienced. 


The Joseph Campbell Writers’ Room, The Center for Mythology and Storytelling, was launched on the campus of Studio School in LA Center Studios with the support of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. Staffed by Ph.D. mythologists and experienced filmmakers, the JCWR is filled with art, artifacts and resources for storytellers with an interest in mythology. For more information, visit myth.studioenterprise.com.


LA Center Studios is one of the most active lots in Hollywood. From Mad Men to Westworld, American Gods to The Jungle Book, LACS has hosted a wide range of franchise films, indie movies, and popular TV shows. 


Will Linn, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Writers’ Room, Intern Director for the Joseph Campbell Foundation and Chair of the General Education Department for Studio School. Will also cohosts a radio series he created for the Santa Barbara News-Press called Mythosophia and the Myth Salon.


  • Parking is available onsite. Details will be send before the event. 
  • As we are touring a working studio, some set pieces may be unavailable on the day of the event due to a film shoot.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as a portion of the event involves standing and walking for periods of time. 


Email Carlyle Coash at carlyle.coash@atlasobscura.com.

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