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Chicago, IL

Obscura Society IL: A Night at the Museum with Danger Circus Company

Join the Danger Circus Company as they perform death-defying feats in the International Museum of Surgical Science

The human body is a wonder, and now you can see it performing at its limits in a museum devoted to the history of its upkeep. 

Performing amongst statuary depicting medicine's giants in the Hall of the Immortals, the Danger Circus Company will demonstrate acts of daring-do that may make you cringe, but will certainly make you smile. You'll see glass walking, knife juggling, dangerous escapes, and their unique blend of illusion and sketch comedy. 

All this takes place in a venue unlike any other: the International Museum of Surgical Science, whose historic lakefront mansion houses art and artifacts dealing with surgery as well as history, science, health, and cultural studies. 


  • Some acts and exhibits are not for the squeamish
  • Event is open for children 10 and up
  • Photo opportunities before and after the show

Thursday, May 28, 7PM-9PM
Tickets: $25

Questions? Contact jeff@atlasobscura.com