Adventures by the Book at Cafe Coyote - Atlas Obscura
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San Diego, California

Adventures by the Book at Cafe Coyote

Swap thrilling travel stories with us over Mexican food and margaritas.

Join us at Cafe Coyote for a night of delicious Mexican cuisine, margaritas, and tales of adventure around the globe! Over dinner, Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras will discuss some of his favorite hidden, mysterious, and astonishing destinations—and will be eager to hear about the odd and fascinating places you've encountered in your travels.

To log all your explorations you will receive a signed copy of the new Atlas Obscura Explorer's Journal, which is included in the ticket price. Inside the journal is a brief guide, with maps, to finding the hidden magic in a dozen of the world's most interesting cities, from New York to Shanghai to Budapest to Tokyo to Cairo.

Your ticket also includes dinner, a margarita, tax and gratuity, and a Q&A with Dylan. At the event, there will be the opportunity to buy extra copies of the journal as well as the #1 New York Times bestselling book Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders.

Cafe Coyote, in Old Town, San Diego, is right across from Whaley House, the city's most historic—and haunted—home. It's the perfect place for an evening of intrigue.

To purchase tickets, please visit the Adventures by the Book ticketing page.