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Seattle, Washington

An Insect Feast with The Bug Chef

Munch on crickets, locusts, and Chinese medicinal ants in an iconic 1960s dive bar at this Gastro Obscura event.

They say insects are the food of the future. Nutritious, plentiful, and easily farmed, they’ve been touted far and wide as the answer to global hunger. But are they delicious? David George Gordon, also known as The Bug Chef, thinks so.

At this Gastro Obscura event, you’ll enjoy wonderful treats such as farm-raised mealworms, grasshoppers, and seasoned crickets, witness a cooking demonstration by David George Gordon himself, and view clips from Ian Toew’s documentary Bugs on the Menu.

Gordon is considered by some to be the original edible insect evangelist. His cookbook, The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook, is full of delectable recipes and glossy photos of gorgeous foods, and his international reputation has brought him everywhere from The Smithsonian to late night TV, where he has shared the stage with Conan O'Brien and James Corden. Better yet for us, he’s local, and he’s agreed to bring his talents — and a whole bunch of bugs — to Darrell’s Tavern for all to enjoy.

Part dive bar and part legend, Darrell’s is the place “where your dad used to drink.” Join us beneath the vintage beer signs and velvet Elvis paintings for a feast for the ages. For those who’d like to drink their bugs as well, or who’d like a little liquid courage before digging into the skewered locusts, the team at Darrell’s will be offering some insect-based cocktails (and mocktails) for purchase at the bar. 


  • This event is for those 21+ with valid ID.
  • The event will feature an assortment of finger foods, including special insect-topped pizza tastings. Personal-sized versions of the pizzas will also be available for purchase.
  • Free parking is available outside the tavern and on the streets nearby.
  • There are a few steps leading to the front door, but the event otherwise takes place on one floor.
  • There will be seating for all.
  • Individuals with shellfish allergies should be aware insects can cause similar reactions.


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