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Cambridge, Massachusetts

Special Tour of The Weapons and Arts of War at The Peabody Museum

A guided tour of the special exhibit, and a hands-on experience with historic weaponry.

Examine the beautiful, yet deadly weapons of war inside the Peabody Museum’s Arts of War, complete with a special opportunity to handle the weapons yourself.

War is a persistent attribute of human cultures through time, and weapons are crafted with a practical, and deadly, intent. Nearly as pervasive as war itself is the practice of decorating the objects used to wage it. Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons Across Cultures presents the varied beauty and craftsmanship of war objects drawn from cultures around the world at Harvard’s world-renowned anthropology museum.

From maces, clubs, daggers, and spears, to shields, helmets, and entire suits of armor, Arts of War offers museum-goers more than 150 striking examples of weapons that are also extraordinary works of art. Lead by a Harvard student guide, you'll learn about the objects in the exhibition as well as handle weapons related to the exhibition.

Your tour ticket includes admission to the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology and the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which you are welcome to explore after your session!

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