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Charlottesville, Virginia

Atlas Obscura Road Trip: Charlottesville, Virginia

Join Atlas Obscura Co-Founder Dylan Thuras at the Raven Room, the Crozet Tunnel and for drinks and a local place-a-thon at Beer Run!

Atlas Obscura is hitting the road. Atlas Obscura Co-Founder Dylan Thuras is taking a short road trip, traveling to cities and towns looking to add new hidden places to the Atlas and meeting up with Atlas fans to share adventures along the way. In short, we are looking to find and celebrate the pluralistic beauty and diversity that helps define both America and Atlas Obscura. 

At each location the day will end with a meetup at a local bar or coffeeshop for a place-a-thon, a celebration of what is weird and good in the world around us. Come with ideas, and if you have one, bring your laptop. We will get to know each other and add great new locations to the Atlas!


We've realized recently that Atlas Obscura only has a few listings in Charlottesville. We're certain that there is much more wonderful weirdness waiting to be discovered within the city, but we need your help! So come meet up with Dylan, join him for a day of Atlas adventures and bring your ideas for the most under-appreciated hidden wonders of Charlottesville. Feel free to come to any, all, or just one of the day's events and be sure to introduce yourself. Dylan will be the one with the Atlas Obscura totebag.

10:00 to 11:30 at the Raven Room - 13 West RangeCharlottesville

Edgar Allan Poe only studied at the University of Virginia for one year in 1826, but his dorm room has been preserved by an elite group of students who still hold midnight initiations in the cramped quarters.

The ominously numbered dorm 13 West Range is now more commonly known as The Raven Room. The small room was first restored to its Poe-era condition in 1924 by an architecture professor who was a part of the exclusive Raven Society. The society was started in 1904 as a means to honor scholarly pursuits and exceptional students and faculty, and they maintain the Raven Room to this day. We will visit with historian Sandy Gilliam to learn more!

2:00 to 4:30 at the Crozet Tunnel Entrance - Exact Address will be emailed to those who RSVP

In the mid-19th century, the Virginia Central Railway wanted to connect to the Shenandoah Valley. To do that, they needed to build a rail line through the Blue Ridge Mountains. To do THAT, they needed to employ the services of civil engineer Claudius Crozet. What a tunnel he built!

Abandoned in 1944, the Crozet Tunnel was designated a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1976. Remarkable not only for its length, but the hardness of the rock through which it was hand dug, the Crozet Tunnel is currently undergoing renovations to be reopened as a trail through the mountain for hikers and cyclists that will connect with other nearby recreational areas. Join us to explore the current state of the tunnel as well as this fascinating restoration project with the wonderful Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation.

5:00 - 7:00 at Beer Run - 156 Carlton Road Ste 203, Charlottesville 

Finally, for those who couldn't make it out to on our adventure (or for those who did and want to relax afterwards with a drink) we will be meeting at the famous Beer Run to discuss all of Charlottesville's great weird locations over food and drinks. Part gigantic beer store (home to over 800 varieties), part bar and part restaurant, this is a chance to hang and talk AO. If you have a laptop we encourage you to bring it so that we can help add your amazing place suggestions to the site!

P.S. The new Atlas Obscura Book will be available for purchase and signing from Dylan at the bar!