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Littleton, North Carolina

Bigfoot Party at The Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum

Investigate the unusual with stories of local Bigfoot sightings as we welcome a new neighborhood resident: the museum's new life-size Bigfoot statue.

You're sure to spot this life-sized Bigfoot at its "Welcome Home" celebration hosted by the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum. Coupled with stories of local Bigfoot sightings, video footage of interviews with witnesses, and advice on conducting your own research, this event will be a hit for skeptics and believers alike.

As the founder of the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum, Stephen Barcelo collects and displays his research artifacts, as well as other items that would be of interest to fans of the paranormal such as casts of Bigfoot prints. The museum educates guests on the paranormal, as well as the history of Littleton, something Barcelo holds to be equally important. 

Today, when residents in this tiny town see strange creatures, such as Bigfoot, they get local cryptozoologist Stephen Barcelo on the case. Since the museum’s founding in 2015, more cryptic sightings have been reported than ever before. Perhaps this is because people now have someplace to report their experiences, but Barcelo maintains that the sightings are becoming more frequent because the local logging industry is encroaching on the creatures’ habitat.


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