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Boston, Massachusetts

Obscura Society: Alchemy, Rare Texts & Books Bound in Human Skin

Join us for a private, picturesque visit to the Boston Athenaeum

The Boston Athenaeum is a membership library founded in 1807. 

Our private tour of the Athenaeum’s landmark building at 10 ½ Beacon Street, includes the conservation laboratory where rare books, maps and manuscripts are preserved. After a demonstration of the art of bookbinding, there will be a display of rarities including alchemical volumes; texts by Athanasius Kircher; and the memoirs of a 19th century highwayman, bound in his own skin.


  • Saturday, Jan 5
  • Two tours:  10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm of 15 people each.
  • Address: 10 1/2 Beacon St, Boston