Broken Legs, Surveillance Cameras and Black Mold: Safety & Security Off the Grid - Atlas Obscura
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Broken Legs, Surveillance Cameras and Black Mold: Safety & Security Off the Grid

Part of The Wanderlust School of Transgressive Placemaking

Bringing neglected spaces back to life and making the invisible visible has animated the work of archeologists and urban spelunkers, city planners and activists. In this four part discussion series Wanderlust explores the logistics and ethics of how to re-imagine and re-make the far side of the No Trespassing sign.

The June 4th installment will focus on staying physically safe and mostly out of trouble. Check out the full series.

Speakers: Mark Krawczuk & Annetta Black, with Myric Lehner

Moderated by Ida C. Benedetto & N.D. Austin


Presented by Atlas Obscura at Acme Studios
63 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, New York
June 4th - Doors at 7:30, Talks at 8pm
$12 each - Advance Tickets Only - Cash Bar

Mark Krawczuk considers himself an introvert and risk-averse in general. Which has not stopped him from getting hundreds of people to gather in desolate corners of the city for the Lost Horizon Night Market, getting teams to line Broadway in the Upper West Side for his event Waiting For The Man, setting up a restaurant in his Lost Horizon Noodle Truck or executing his Tactical Brunch kits at Maker Faire, working on a crew making jet engine powered merry-go-rounds at the Madagscar Institue, setting up the Agnostic Science Reading Room at Burning Man, or serving 9 course meals in abandoned buildings. And those are the ones he can admit to. 

Annetta Black is a San Francisco-based writer, explorer, and trouble maker. Being part of running the Burning Man Thunderdome has fine-tuned her risk tolerance and her art of gently controlling chaos in an an unpredictable, off-grid environment. As head of the Obscura Society, Atlas Obscura's real-world exploration branch, she oversees expeditions into unusual places around the world - from glow worm tunnels to lost cities, nuclear power plants to private libraries - juggling the logistics and relationship management required to procure "unusual access" to normally off-limits sites. As a result, places like Alcatraz's underground citadel and hidden tunnels, Stanford Hospital's pneumatic dispatch system, and an abandoned historic train station in Oakland have opened their doors to the Society.

Myric Lehner has paddled rivers in Canada, scaled mountains in Wyoming, and climbed trees in Seattle. Most recently he was shepherding middle and high schoolers through Maine's North Woods. He likes taking people to interesting places while keeping injuries to a minimum. Since moving to New York he has done security and logistics for Wanderlust Projects and helped build and run the Night Heron speakeasy.


Wanderlust practices transgressive placemaking through adventure, intimacy and exploration.