Bunk'Art 2 Exploration - Atlas Obscura
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Tirana, Albania

Bunk'Art 2 Exploration

Come wander this unique space, a former bunker now transformed into a venue for art and creative projects.

This Obscura Day, take a self-guided tour of one of Tirana's most unique spaces: an unfinished bunker transformed into an interactive art experience.

Bunk'Art 2 (code name: “Objekti Shtylla”), consists of 24 rooms, an apartment reserved for the Minister of Internal Affairs, and a large hall dedicated to intercommunications. Like many other bunkers of this size, this too was built to withstand a potential chemical and nuclear attack. However, the bunker was never used—even for training.

The Prime Minister Mehmet Shehu as well as the dictator Enver Hoxha, who ordered its construction, never saw its completion—both died before the construction of the bunker ended. The entrance and the exit of the bunker were built only recently; on the initial project, the entrance into the tunnel was possible only from within the Ministry.

Bunk'Art explores the history of Bunk'Art's unique space, and how it is continuing to be transformed. 


  • Bunk'Art 2 is located on street "Abdi Toptani" Tirane. (It is a separate location from Bunkart1.)
  • Bunk'Art 2 has all information available in English.
  • We will have our doors open for Obscura Day visitors from 10am–8pm, with two special guided tours a guided tours: The first tour will start at 16:00 and the second tour will start at 18:00.
  • We encourage you to RSVP in advance; see below.
  • Entry is 1000 Lek and can be paid when you arrive.


Contact info@bunkart.al.

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