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Chicago, Illinois

Can You Pickle It?

An interactive experiment in pickling produce plus a 101 on pickling and canning inside an urban farm!

Cucumbers aren’t the only veggie that taste better when soaked in vinegar, and if you’re from Chicago, you’re familiar with the spicy pickled condiments inside a jar of giardiniera, but what else can we preserve inside a can or jar?

Atlas Obscura is pairing up with Slow Food Chicago team to give a class on how to pickle and can ingredients from scratch. We’ll also get a chance to hear from Chicago Pickle Expert, Bradley Treusdell from The Little Pickle about the science behind pickling and how he comes up with his delicious pickling recipes. Don’t worry, we’ll also have a chance to taste some of his creations, and even a few rare pickles (Koolickles, anyone?)

The pickling process is a technique that has been used to preserve fruits, vegetables and meats for thousands of years. The process of canning, on the other hand, wasn’t realized until early 19th century when French brewer Nicolas Appert noticed food wouldn’t spoil in airtight glass jars. This “jarring” process was considered simply magic, until half a century later when Louis Pasteur discovered the microbes responsible for spoiling food.

While ancient sailors used pickled food as a necessity to stay nourished while at sea, modern humans know that our potential to pickle foods is infinite. Bring your favorite fruit, vegetable, cheese, meat or what-have-you, and we’ll learn how to safely make tasty canned and pickled condiments at home.

About The Farm

Set inside West Town, you'll find a hidden urban farm run by Big Delicious Planet. Their urban farm has been active for seven years, and today they're organically growing dozens of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers that will be incorporated into commitment to sustainable foods. It's the perfect location to learn about how to preserve produce in your kitchen that may expire soon!

Additional Details:

  • This event is BYO ingredients, but some produce will be provided from Slow Food Chicago’s PreSERVE Community Garden. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own produce from local farmers markets.
  • Can and jar materials will be supplied for guests to take home with them.
  • Taste at your own risk!
  • Parking lot available. Also close to the 50 and 65 bus lines, and a 12-minute walk from the Ashland green and pink lines.
  • This event is suitable for attendees of all ages.


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