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Cephalopod Movie Night with Science Friday

We’re submerging again for adventures with these cool creatures of the ocean.

Join Science Friday and Atlas Obscura to total cephalo-party, complete with scientists who will help you learn all about octopuses and their amazing arms.

There’s only one marine animal we want to talk about for eight days—one for each arm! Cephalopod Week is public radio show Science Friday’s annual celebration of these amazing creatures, from the cunning cuttlefish, to the superb squid, to the outstanding octopus. This year, from June 21-28, Atlas Obscura and Science Friday are teaming up to give you a place to celebrate these incredible invertebrates together.

Come out for an evening of talk, tentacles, and talent, featuring four original short films from Science Friday at Manny’s. Cephalopods may be known as speedy, swift swimmers, but some octopuses have been spotted sprinting on the ocean floor! Gather together with experts who contemplate the odd behaviors of octopuses’ nimble arms—or legs, depending on how they’re moving. Join Dr. Christine Huffard from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Dr. Jean Alupay from the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and dip your toes into some cephalo-knowledge.

Learn more about Science Friday’s Cephalopod Week!

Please note: For the 9:00pm screening, we will be joined by Dr. Jean Alupay and another special guest TBA!


  • There is a cash bar. Must be 21+ and have ID. Non-alcoholic options are also available. 
  • Please leave plenty of time for parking. Consider a ride sharing option as well. 


Email Carlyle Coash at carlyle.coash@atlasobscura.com.

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